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Team Member

This is the standard way of becoming a Bizzy Bee teacher, and it means you’ll be able to give the full range of Bizzy Bee classes, i.e. in signing, massage and yoga.

As a Bizzy Bee Team Member, you:

  • follow comprehensive training in how to teach the Bizzy Bee curriculum;
  • get introductory business training with a focus on sales and marketing;
  • benefit from our full support package;
  • get your own personal webspace, including a tool that lets you advertise your courses on the main Bizzy Bee website;
  • have access to lots of valuable website resources, including downloadable marketing material; and
  • receive ‘territory protection’, so no other Team Members can offer classes in the same area.

Note: You also have the option to work in partnership with another Team Member. In this case, you would split the three disciplines between you, and your partnership would have ‘territory protection’. If you and a friend would be interested in this option, contact us for more information.

What kind of training will I follow?

  • If you decide to become a Team Member, you’ll be trained to give courses in all three Bizzy Bee disciplines, that is, signing, yoga and massage. Our training courses cover course content and how to teach it, and you’ll receive detailed lesson plans.

    You don’t have to follow all three training courses at the very beginning - you can start with just one, and take the others at a later date. In fact, you have three years as of the first training session to train in all three disciplines.
  • You’ll also follow a one-off business and marketing course that covers all you need to know for successfully setting up and running your Bizzy Bee business.

What support will I have from Bizzy Bee?

As a Bizzy Bee Team Member, you’ll receive our full support package. This includes:

  • email and/or phone support (including Skype) for questions about:
    • setting up and running your business
    • sales and marketing
    • course content or other course-related issues
  • valuable web resources, including:
    • a personal webpage with your picture, a short biography and a contact form
    • a tool that allows you to advertise your courses on the main Bizzy Bee website
    • downloadable marketing material and business checklists
  • access to a dedicated discussion group
  • professionally produced support material, e.g. business cards, flyers and teaching aids, at attractive prices

Will I have exclusive rights to teach in a certain area?

Once you become the official Team Member for a certain area, no other Team Members or Licence Plus holders can set up in that area. But if there is already a Licence Plus holder operating in your chosen area, that person can continue to operate.

We may allow Basic Licence holders to set up in the area if we feel that it wouldn’t negatively affect your course offering. This kind of situation would of course be handled on a case-by-case basis.