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Our experts

Diana Siepmann - Director of Bizzy Bee Signing

Diana Siepmann

As the Head of Bizzy Bee Signing, Diana has drawn on her Montessori teacher education, first-hand experience with her son, Tristan (who could sign 32 words, imitate 11 animal noises and speak 6 words before he turned 13 months) and her extensive self-study of baby signing to develop both the Bizzy Bee Signing curriculum and the Bizzy Bee Signing teacher training programme.

Diana has been giving signing classes since 2009. Based on her knowledge of Montessori teaching methods, Diana has developed a range of educational products to help integrate signing into daily routines.

She holds a bachelors degree in International Business Management, with a specialisation in Marketing, and worked in Marketing/Communication for various multi-national companies for over 10 years before setting up Bizzy Bee. Diana is also certified by the Radiant Child Yoga Program to teach children's yoga.

Diana’s professional background in international marketing gives her a solid base for setting up Bizzy Bee Team. Her experience in a multinational environment has given her both an insight into, and sensitivity towards catering to needs of people of different nationalities and backgrounds, while her experience of both ‘end customer’ and ‘business to business’ marketing ensure she has the necessary capacities to support and accompany Bizzy Bee teachers as they begin their signing adventure.

Originally from Germany, she now lives in Belgium with her family.


Sylvie Bianchi - Director of Bizzy Bee Massage

Sylvie has been practicing and teaching baby massage since 2004. She is  a qualified play therapist and has worked with children experiencing difficult situations at home since 2000.

Sylvie has qualifications in: Originally from Italy, Sylvie now lives in Belgium with her son.

Cristin Melissa Tighe - Director of Bizzy Bee Yoga

As Head of Bizzy Bee Yoga, Cristin has drawn on her extensive experience in children’s yoga to develop both the Bizzy Bee Yoga curriculum and the Bizzy Bee Yoga teacher training programme.

Originally from the United States, Cristin has been teaching yoga to children since 2003 and is certified to teach yoga to children through:

She has been offering teacher training courses in children’s yoga since 2005.

Cristin is also certified to teach adult Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, through the Kundalini Research Institute International Teacher Training program, and has advanced training in Conscious Pregnancy© Yoga. She is also an Advanced Relax & Renew (Restorative Yoga) Trainer® and the former owner of Spiral Flight Yoga, Washington DC’s oldest yoga centre.

Cristin is the founder of Conscious Empowered Birth, Kids & Yoga! and Yoga Simran and has a Master of Environmental Health from Yale University and a Master of International Policy from Johns Hopkins University.

Having spent two years living in Brussels, Cristin now lives in Accra, Ghana with her husband and daughter. During her time in Belgium, Cristin offered baby signing classes. Diana Siepmann, co-founder of Bizzy Bee Team, and her son Tristan learned their first signs in Cristin’s classes, which were a major inspiration for the foundation of Bizzy Bee Team.