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Our mission

Our mission is to make a lasting difference! In the lives of the children and parents/caregivers who follow our signing, massage and/or yoga courses, and in the lives of our teachers. And how do we propose to do that?

By focusing on the wellbeing, development and education of babies and young children, we help build a foundation for happy, balanced and confident children, giving them every opportunity to meet their full potential.

By empowering parents to better understand and cater for the physical, emotional and psychological needs of their children, we set the wheels in motion for better parent-child communication – and ultimately an even closer parent-child bond. We also believe that the combination of signing, massage and yoga creates a positive synergy, allowing families to really ‘connect’ and enjoy spending time together.

By creating a respectful, stimulating and safe learning environment, we encourage children’s natural curiosity and help them discover the fun and satisfaction of acquiring new skills. Children discover at a very early age that their thoughts and feelings matter, and that their achievements, however big or small, are recognised.

By placing importance on our Bizzy Bee Teachers’ work/life balance and encouraging family involvement, we aim to offer a rewarding and flexible work opportunity within a company that puts family first.